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Chemetall CHECKMOR 240 400ml


Chemetall CHECKMOR 240 400ml

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  • Checkmor® 240 is also qualified for inspection at low temperature down to -10°C/15°F and high.
  • Checkmor® 240 is a solution of non-hazardous azo dye in a blend of biodegradable surfactants and high flash point distillates.
  • Carton of 10 units.


What is Chemetall Checkmor 240?

Chemetall Checkmor® 240 is a visible light inspection penetrant as per the AMS 2644 Type 2 and EN ISO 3452 Part 2, Type II, which can be removed by water or solvents. It is used in nondestructive testing for the detection of defects such as cracks, laps, cold shuts, porosity, bursts, casting and welding discontinuities. Chemetall Checkmor 240 is a low viscosity liquid penetrant with excellent wetting properties to ensure optimum coverage of the part. Its dark red color allows easy control and monitoring of the washing process. The product offers the highest sensitivity level according to EN ISO 3452.

Method Of Use

Chemetall Checkmor 240 may be applied by aerosol, brushing, flow-on, immersion, spray or by swab.

Pre-cleaning and Drying

Clean part with e.g. S72, S76, S80 or S85 before applying Chemetall Checkmor 240 penetrant. Apply cleaner to the part and wipe clean with cloth. Surface has to be free of grease, oil and dirt. Allow part to dry before applying penetrant.

Penetrant Application

Surface temperature should be between -10 and 150°C (15-302°F). Apply a thin even film of Checkmor® 240 penetrant to cover test area. Allow penetrant 10–30 minutes penetration time before removing. For temperatures over 50°C/122°F, the minimum dwell time is reduced to 1 minute only.

Penetrant Removal

Remove excess surface penetrant with clean cloths, pre-moistened with cleaner (e.g. S72, S76, S80 or S85). Alternatively, removal can be performed by rinsing with water (for application over 5°C/41°F). Do not flush surface with cleaner as sensitivity will be impaired. Repeat procedure until surface penetrant has been removed. For temperatures under 10°C/50°C, the recommended remover is S76. Over 50°C/122°C, excess penetrant should be removed with S72 or a dry, clean, lint-free cloth. Thoroughly dry the component surface before developer application.


Shake developer (e.g. LD7 or LD9) thoroughly. Spray an even developer film over area to be inspected (spraying distance 30 cm / 1 ft.). Allow 10–30 minutes developing time before
evaluation. For temperatures under 0°C/32°C, the recommended developer is LD7. Over 50°C/122°C, LD7 should be used too, but the minimum development time is reduced to 2 minutes.


Inspection should take place in diffused white light of at least 500 lux at the component surface.


After final inspection, components can be cleaned using e.g. S72, S76, S80 or S85. Note: the procedure above is a recommendation only; where relevant, the process specifications of the approving authorities must be followed.

Effects on materials

When Chemetall Checkmor 240 is used in the prescribed manner, no significant corrosion is likely to occur on commonly used constructional metals. The product may stain or soften some plastics and rubbers and, where appropriate, a compatibility test should be carried out. (source)


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