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CRC Anti Spatter 500ml


CRC Anti Spatter 500ml

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  • Non-flammable, solvent based anti spatter, for use on site.
  • Does not affect post welding operations.
  • No silicones or flammable solvents. Anti-Spatter film is easily wiped away.


What is CRC Anti Spatter?

CRC Anti Spatter is a traditional solvent and biodegradable oil based spatter release. Non-flammable for increased safety. Saves cleaning time by preventing spatter adhesion on welding equipment, work pieces and jigs. Does not contain silicones (use CRC Bio Weld for problem free galvanizing).


  • Economical in use, due to the thin film performance.
  • Extended nozzle stand time and increased stability of the welding arc, ensuring free gas flow.
  • Does not contain silicones.
  • Based on non flammable solvents.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Protects metals and alloys.
  • Convenient 360° (including inverted position) spray valve for aerosols.
  • High purity CO2 propellant, giving an active product content of 95%.


  • Welding equipment.
  • Manual, semi-automatic welding equipment as well as welding robots.


  • Apply a thin even film of CRC Anti Spatter.
  • Spatters can be removed with a wire brush.
  • If post treatement involves Hot Dip Galvanising, follow the cleaning instructions from the galvanizing company or the galvanizing federations (info via International Zinc Association:
  • Protect aerosol against heat sources, welding spatters, etc.
  • Use only with adequate ventilation.
  • To remove residues or excess product, use one of the CRC cleaners. (source)

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Precautions for safe handling: Do not pierce or burn CRC Anti Spatter, even after use. Do not use if spray button is missing or defective. Do not spray on a naked flame or any other incandescent material. Do not smoke while using or until sprayed surface is thoroughly dry. Do not cut, weld, solder, drill, grind, or expose containers to heat, flame, sparks, or other sources of ignition. All equipment used when handling the product must be grounded. Do not re-use empty containers. Do not breathe
mist/vapours. Avoid prolonged exposure. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Avoid release to the environment. Observe good industrial hygiene practices.

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