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Lock Nut

Lock Nut

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What are Lock Nuts?

  • Lock Nut, also known as self-locking nut, contains a plastic insert that deforms to the thread of the fastener and prevents loosening without the aid of thread locking adhesive.
  • They are often used where security in fastening is required.
  • They are useful when joining soft materials such as wood and plastics where high surface pressure might damage the material, or when there is a short clamp load.
  • Their principal advantage is in applications where there is a high degree of vibration.
  • Locking nuts resist loosening over time in dynamic loading conditions.
  • As such they are often used in Domestic appliances such as washers and dryers, Industrial machinery & Automotive industry. (source)

We supply a wide range of standard Lock Nuts to users in Dubai and surrounding Emirates. Fill the form above to place an order.


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