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Roofing Hook Bolts

Roofing Hook Bolts

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What is a Roofing Hook Bolt?

Roofing Hook Bolts are widely used in the roofing industry for fixing cladding and roofing panels to steel frames. The hook sits over the edge of metal beams that stop the bolt from turning when tightened.  They come in three different designs, “J” Type, “Angle” Type and “Square” Type. When using hook bolts for roofing, make sure that you also use spat or sela washers to ensure you have a weatherproof seal. We supply Roofing Bolts with complete assembly as shown in the image. (source)


  • Fixing Roofing Sheets
  • Fixing Cladding
  • Supporting Channel sections

We supply all types of Roofing Bolts in Dubai and surrounding Emirates. We can also deliver to customers in Bordering Countries. To place an order, fill out the above form.


Looking for a non-standard size?

Head on to Fabrication page to view what we are cable of and send us an inquiry on or via Whatsapp.

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Angle Hook, J Hook, Square Bend Hook